Health Care Advocacy

Here are a few highlights of advocacy events that I have participated in and content I have produced with Doctors for America

  1. Health Justice and Equity Home Page:

In 2022, I have been the Health Justice and Equity chair. We have three areas of work that we focus on.

First, we have been actively advocating for reproductive rights. We ran many campaigns after the SCOTUS leak. After the Dobbs decision, we held sessions such as webinars on how to protect your patients and state level advocacy.

Second, we advocate for gender affirming care. This includes topics like fighting anti-transgender bills, advocating for comprehensive sex education, amongst others.

Our third area of advocacy is decriminalization and liberation. This area includes advocating for immigrant patients, and incarcerated patients. We work to advocate for just and fair policies that affect many of the marginalized populations in our country

2) June 2021: COVID-19 Vaccine Awareness Video

I participated in making this video about the COVID-19 vaccine, encouraging patients to get their vaccinations.

3) June 2021: Pride Month

I created numerous pieces of content for Pride month. I wrote a blog post about creating a welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ patients. I also created two videos about specific topics in LGBTQ+ care that I am passionate about: Intimate partner violence and protecting transgender youth.

LGBTQ Intimate Partner Violence:

Anti-Transgender Legislation and Sports Bans:

Blog Post:

4) January 2022: Advocacy Grand Rounds Moderator

3-4 times a year we do an Advocacy Grand Round session. I moderated the January session on how to intervene during moments of discrimination we see against our patients or colleagues.

Bystander to Upstander training: