No Longer Voiceless

Who Are We

In 2022, I founded No Longer Voiceless. After my grandfather passed away, I started reflecting on end-of-life approaches. I learned about Dignity Therapy from a palliative care physician, and founded this nonprofit based on its principles.

Everyone deserves the chance to tell their story and for that story to be remembered by there loved ones.

Storytelling is powerful. It allows us to re-experience moments in our lives, reflect, and learn more about ourselves while sharing something meaningful with others.  

No Longer Voiceless is a 501(c)3 nonprofit with a goal to help people share their stories. Our goal is to help address many of the psychological, existential and spiritual challenges patients and their families struggle with when dealing with life-changing moments. We work with chronic illness, hospice, palliative and elderly individuals who want to tell their story, by providing you an opportunity to reflect on the big and small moments of life.

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